2010 Profiles




Under the Hood


Under my hood is a passion for the cars.

I plan to race for Automotive Engineering, my distant North Star.

Iím on the fast track to my dreams and goals, my mind going on all cylinders the pedal to the floor.

My experience here has brightened my lights, from my fear of heights theyíve helped me.

At GM Iíve seen things that Iíve never seen before, amazing sights and my dreams come true.

Thank you KCSTI.



KCSTI teaches that you can be different and still reach the sky.

KCSTI shows you how to listen and have an open eye.

KCSTI tell you not only birds fly.

KCSTI is an experience money canít buy.











KCSTI was uber fun

The first week was when it all begun

Airport towers is where we went

Then to Whiteman we were sent

The second week was a blast

Because I finally knew the whole class

Ironwoods was the best

Better than all the rest.

Week 3 was getting closer to the end

Even though it felt like it just begun

Week 4 went by fast

It was almost the end of class

It was all really fun

But it still felt like it just begun






Who Am I? 


Hidden in my shell was I before KCSTI

Too scared and shy to communicate with others;

Labeled as anti social

Getting out of my comfort zone and exploring new limits has made me find a new beam of light

That I thought was extinct in me.

I now shine with more confidence

A new found confidence that is in her.

Now I can lift my head up high and be proud of who I am

I can tackle my fears like at Ironwoods and reach my dreams

She gives me the courage to be spontaneous and not care what people think

KCSTI has altered my career choice

It illuminated all the options I have

I am certain of one thing I want to do: I want to heal the world and create world peace with my art and whatever else I choose to be.

God, She and KCSTI showed me I can be whatever I want to be and no obstacles can stand in my way.

I thank them all.

Her is me.








Hello, my name is Ife Siffre. I'm going to be a freshman at Archbishop O'Hara. I'm interested in the careers of engineering and physics. I'm not talking about the basics. I really like all of the things here at KCSTI, but here are my favorites: I really liked going to Whiteman Air Force Base, and getting to see the only B-2's in existence. Building the bridges was pretty cool too since we had to make a strong structure out of popsicle sticks. My contribution to the world is to invent things for the benefit of the world.





At KCSTI I had a blast.

Itís a whole month long, but it went so fast.

We built and broke bridges, but my teams didnít break.

So first place did we take.

I won two movie tickets for knowing everyoneís name;

Uno, Jenga, basketball and Mancala are my favorite games.

At GM we saw them build a Malibu,

At Garmin we saw some new (GPS) products for you.

We went to MO-DOT, and we did a lot.

The number of times I rode the seat belt convincer was three,

I got interviewed and put on TV.

I went to Iron Woods during KCSTI,

Twice I climbed the tower to the sky.

I climbed and climbed, Oh so high.

I climbed all the way to the top,

But there I did not stop,

I climbed blindfolded to the top!

Donít forget to say,

ďOn belay!Ē

I made so many friends and had so much fun,

I had a blind adventure out in the sun

Thank you for everything KCSTI!

And thank you Candace for all you do,

For thinking of us, and being you.

For the games you thought of and the respect you taught us.




Hi, I am James Bentley. I came to KCSTI not knowing how it would be. Before I came here, I wanted to be an entertainer or an entertainment attorney. But after a few visits to an air traffic control towers, I considered being an air traffic controller. This experience was new and interesting. And I would recommend this summer program to anyone who is not sure about their career choice.

Thank you KCSTI for all you have done.










John B.



John H.





KCSTI was nice. We went to the downtown airport. I liked making my scrapbook. I liked the bridges and breaking them. I liked playing the games with my friends. I met new friends.


Maurice F.




The Tiger Inside


Iíve always known that he was near.

I just didnít know what he was capable of until we came there.

KCSTI helped me find the key to unleash him and set him free.

The staff were there to help me keep him under control so I can study and learn about him and me.

By the end of the 1st week I knew what he was,

His interests and his dislikes were finally in sight.

The tiger inside loves to see everything and be in control of what he thinks is right.

He loves to direct others and be his own boss.

I realize now that the tiger inside meÖis me.


Maurice M.















Tower of Power


The tower of power is when I did not know anybody

The power is when I got to know everybody

The tower of power is the airport.

It was cool how I got to see airplanes

The tower of power is ironwoods

I learnt how to overcome my fears.

The tower of power is UMKC-KCSTI

I will miss you.





Hey my name is Tyon. I am 18 years old. I just graduated from high school. I am going to school at Penn Valley to be a paramedic. It is a 2-year school. I have been at UMKC so I can see whatís out there for me. I like to work as a group and meet new people. I love working together. It helps to work as a group and to get to know everyone. Something else I like doing is building bridges. I really liked the Ironwoods challenge and to see something that is new to me. I donít like to travel but I did like to go to different places. I liked working on the North Star. My favorite thing about it was that it just tells you about yourself. I like going to see the United States and seeing how it was made and designed.